2019 Reading Goals!

I’m not even going to attempt to review my reading goals for 2018, I know for certain that I only finished one, and that was the Goodreads Reading Challenge of 70 books. But I’m more motivated than ever to go for it next year, and will also set more reasonable goals for myself, so here goes!

1/ Read 70 books.

I’m gonna keep my Goodreads goal the same as last year, I felt it matched my reading pace quite well and still gave me a good feeling when I surpassed it. It’s a good number to meet and still realistic! Even though I always try to read more than my goal, just reaching 70 would still feel like an achievement if I didn’t complete anything else (prime example was the last year!)

2/ Read more non-fiction.

I have a ton of non-fiction on my TBR which I’m excited to get to, but non-fiction always feels intimidating. They always take a lot longer to read than a standard fiction novel. But I’m gonna set myself the target of 10 non-fiction books, which already sounds daunting, but I’m gonna try my damn hardest!

3/ Read books that have been on my TBR the longest.

I’m going to create a post which shows the books which have been on my TBR the longest, i.e. since I started my Goodreads page. There’s quite a few (22 to be exact on 8th August 2016 – the day I officially created my Goodreads page) so if I can narrow that list by 50% I’d be happy.

4/ Participate in 5 readathons.

I’m pretty certain that I had easily completed this goal last year, so I’ve added it again to this year as I just love participating in readathons! I’ve stuck at 5 to cover the majority of the big events, i.e. Summer, Haloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Cramathon etc. So I still want to spread out my readathons throughout the year again, but to be honest, I’ve participated in almost all the readathons I had seen announced the past year, so I’m positive I’ll continue doing that!

5/ Focus on reading Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen.

This slightly correlates with goal #3 because there’s quite a few Hardy and Austen books that have been on my TBR since the beginning, I just want more of a focus on these authors as they are closest to home (Dorset/Hampshire) and I feel I need to have read at least the majority of their books. I had a goal similar to this last year which was to read all their works, and that was I bit too much of a push. So my focus is just to read ‘more’ of them.

6/ Complete 4 series.

I had this goal last year, and failed big time. I’m still in the middle of the Lunar Chronicles which I wanted to finish this year. There are a large number of series I want to read/re-read next year, which I will put into a separate post as I already have a list of those I’m eager to get to. I am also including duologies in this list, to give me a bit of a chance!

7/ Go back to monthly wrap-ups.

I started the year quite strongly in my wrap-ups of every 5 books, and that did take off the pressure of monthly TBR’s. but I easily lost track of the books I read and it was harder to catch-up after a while. So I’m gonna attempt monthly wrap-up’s and hopefully stick to a good routine of TBR’s and wrap-ups.

8/ Complete Popsugar Reading Challenge OR 52 Books Around the Year Challenge.

I might be setting my sights too high perhaps? But I have spent a fair bit of time researching and there’s a lot of books I’m anticipating which fit into the year long challenges. I will also be doubling up with some of them so I’m not forcing myself to read a book for each of the prompts. Doubling up makes it feel more fun and more feasible, so I might stand a better chance of completing!

So what are your reading plans for 2019? Any similar to these? I’d love to know!


Abbie xxxx

4 thoughts on “2019 Reading Goals!

  1. Great goals! Non-fiction can start off being intimidating but it really is worth the plunge, especially if you start with subjects you are already interested in then expand from there.
    I have a few similar themes on my 2019 reading goals (more non-fiction, Austen, classics) but have reduced the number of books from 50 to 30 as there are some huge books I want to get to.
    Good luck with achieving your goals in 2019 – and have fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      I have quite a lot of non-fiction that I’m interested in, I just need to get around and actually pick up one of them!
      Oh that’s cool, I have quite a few big books to get to myself, but I average it out by also reading small poetry collections ☺
      Good luck to you too with your goals! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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