My Worst Reads of 2018

It is quickly creeping to the end of the year and it’s time to find out what books were my best, worst, most surprising and most disappointing! I’ve seen a lot of people doing their worst/best reads of the year and I find them really enjoyable! As always, these opinions are all my own, and I am aware that some I mention may be favourites of some of you, and I fully respect that and love that you enjoyed the book, but sadly I just didn’t. I have included the average Goodreads rating for these books as well, and these were accurate as of December 2018.



314261166/ A Promise of Fire – Amanda Bouchet

Rating: 2/5 stars

Ave Rating: 4.11


The first quarter I loved, it started off with so much potential but it just turned stale so suddenly. The main character was constantly acting juvenile and childish in her thought processes, for example, there was a lot of “urgh. I hate myself.” for accidentally day-dreaming about the male character. I was expecting fantasy with a hint of romance, but it turned out to be an extremely smutty romance in disguise of a fantasy book. Admittedly I did think it was written very well, and I enjoyed the premise, however the book seemed to deviate from that for most of the book. Basically a smutty Stockholm Syndrome with magic and mythical gods.



5/ Life of Pi – Yann Martel 170453

Rating: 2/5 stars

Ave Rating: 3.89


I am not religious, which was a bad start in terms of enjoying this book. I got the impression that the author could not comprehend someone not being religious. It was extremely slow, to the point it felt painful. This is just another lonely survival story, but one where I feel it wasn’t handled as well as it could have been – mostly because the author clearly had an ideological message that he felt was more important than the plot. In the end I really couldn’t care less about the plot or Pi. Some of the animal scenes in the second half I enjoyed, but by that point nothing was going to rescue me from giving anymore than two stars unfortunately!




4/ The Upside of Unrequited – Becky Albertalli 30653853

Rating: DNF (1.75 at time of DNF)

Ave Rating: 4.01


I really wanted to give the author a second chance, I disliked Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda, but I did enjoy Becky Albertalli’s writing, so I was hoping that if the plot was be good, and the characters were better, I would’ve liked it. But unfortunately I could only stomach two-thirds of the story. The first 100+ pages was just introducing each character and simply stating their race and sexual orientation, like this was all you needed to know about them..? And the story didn’t seem to go anywhere and I was incredibly bored. Nothing was encouraging me to keep going so I just DNF’d the book, I didn’t care what happens. Because I DNF’d this, I feel unfair listing this as a worst book of the year, but this was a book that still stuck out for me unfortunately, and I know this book (and this author) are extremely beloved amongst the Booktube community! So I guess I’ll just ‘appreciate’ the author from afar… Great writer, rubbish characters.



3/ The Mockingbirds – Daisy Whitney8987191

Rating: 1.5/5 stars

Ave Rating: 3.79


This did sound very promising, but I realised straight away that the writing wasn’t for me. I wasn’t able to relate to any of the characters and I could not distinguish one from the other. I was exceedingly bored and found the story bland despite the intriguing plot. I didn’t understand why all the teachers were written to be ridiculously clueless, especially for an ‘elite school’..? It feels like a lot of the positive reviews purely show the importance of addressing date rape. As much as that is an important topic to bring light to, and I applaud the author for doing so, I don’t think that means the book deserves 4-5 star ratings on that point alone. This was a debut novel and sadly, it did read like so. I did enjoy the references to To Kill a Mockingbird, so there’s that!



157344642/ 12th of Never – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Rating: 1/5

Ave Rating: 4.01


I’ve read the first few books of the series and really liked them, but this, 12th in the series, didn’t feel on par. The first ones were written solely by James Patterson, and it’s pretty obvious that he had little to no input for this book. Maxine Paetro has taken a pretty good series and made it quite mediocre and bland. Half was about the actual plot and the courts, and the other half was about her baby which was not relevant and nor did it follow the pattern of the other books. I’m glad I haven’t read books 4-11, because I feel like I would’ve wasted my time and seen the series fall slightly book by book. I think it’s safe to say that this series has had its day.



1/ Birdie – Tracey Lindberg23590716

Rating: 1/5 stars

Ave Rating: 3.64


I read this for the Read-EH-Thon that Booksandlala created and hosted, and she recommended this book. But I found this to be a complete mess, I’m sorry to say. I could not understand the first half of the book AT ALL. It was so illegible and indecipherable I could not explain anything that happened. I had to look up several reviews to get more of an understanding of what actually happened, and to be honest, I wasn’t impressed with that either! It really annoyed me when things jumped from past tense to present or future tense without any explanation or warning. I honestly don’t know how anyone can enjoy this book.




So those were the worst books I read this year! These are all my opinion so sorry again if any of these were your favourites, they just weren’t for me! What books did you not enjoy this year? Any of you agree with my views? I’d love to know!



Abbie xxxx

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