Booktubers I Discovered and LOVED in 2018!

Amongst everything else this year, I was keen to discover more Booktubers, mainly because of my reading tastes developing and wanting more of a variety of opinions and tastes. I’m still following and loving many other Booktubers, so the following Booktubers are one’s that I only discovered this past year, and are still loving their content, hopefully to give them a bit of love and also introduce you to other Booktubers that you may not have discovered yet! So here goes!


Books With ChloeImage result for australia

Chloe I discovered around the Springtime and instantly fell in love with her positivity and enthusiasm. She manages to read so many books, I’m always envious! Non book-related, but her make-up/hair always looks gorgeous and her vlogs are always enjoyable! And she’s also a fellow Potterhead and has an adorable accent!


Image result for britain flagBecca and The Books

I love the way Becca articulates herself in her videos, and she just seems like such a down-to-earth, sweet person. Becca is also honest and hilarious, especially in vlogs! She reads a fair amount of YA books, in particular fantasy books. She also has a bookish body butter and candle shop, Grace and Honey, and it is fabulous!


myreadingisoddImage result for canada flag

I have major hair envy for Natasha. She tends to read a lot of Stephen King and a lot of books I wouldn’t have picked up my myself, but Natasha makes them sound interesting! I  also love how she does a TBR star-jar every month! I always watch her Stephen King Sundays, and she recommends books that are not all crazy hyped!


Image result for canada flagyerabooknerdzoe

How have I only just discovered a Potterhead Booktuber this year?! Zoe is absolutely hilarious and she mainly reads fantasy books. Her editing and creativity is amazing and I always enjoy any video I watch of hers! I have a feeling I will enjoy her videos around the Magical Readathons next year!



saidthestoryImage result for canada flag

Ashley and I seem to have quite a similar reading taste, so her reviews I tend to listen to the most. A lot of books she reviews are books I wouldn’t usually pick up, but she makes them sound so interesting so I’m always eager to pick those up! She such a likeable person and her video ideas such as You Choose TBR are so great!


Novel InkImage result for us flag

Madalyn is a recent discovery but I have binged her videos and blog. I feel like she and I will get on incredibly well if we knew each other in real life! She presents herself and articulates herself very well and her reviews are always insightful. Her reading tastes seem to span across many genres so not only are there books that I’m interested in, but also ones in genres I usually don’t pick up, especially adult books and diverse reads! Also, she just seems very funny and a kind, down-to-earth person!


Bookishly NerdyImage result for us flag

Kelsey has only started her Booktube channel earlier this year and she has nearly 300 subscribers. I think she is doing incredibly well as a new Booktuber and I’m excited about her future, I already love her content and the way she articulates herself. We have quite similar reading tastes and I find her hilarious! She is also a Potterhead!


So there’s a bunch of new Booktubers I’ve recently discovered and loved! Hopefully you’ll also be able to discover new Booktubers and content! What Booktubers would you recommend I check out? I’d love to know!



Abbie xxxx


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