Why I’ve Been AWOL

When I saw that my last official post was back in June, I was surprised, but not that much. This post is basically to say why I had been absent, and what’s been going on.

First things first, I had fallen into a major slump. Not just for reading, but for blogging, catching up with Booktubers, etc. I just completely burned out and fell off the wagon (as they say), this was caused by a number of reasons… Mainly because work had been extremely busy over the summer with many colleagues being on holiday and things were short-staffed for a while, so I had been working on average 10 hours a day and whenever I had a spare moment to read, I just wanted to sleep!

Another thing which caused my hiatus was many personal life changes. I had started a new romantic relationship which I’ve been smitten over, I had interview prep for the next step in my career for my dream job, I had to sell my car and sort out my newer one, and I was without my laptop which I had attempted (and failed) to get repaired (and since bought myself a new one!). So yeah! A LOT had been going on in the last few months!

I have been slowly coming out of my reading slump and have had things start to settle down, I did try to start a few posts and I was planning to participate in the Read EH Thon and the NEWTs Magical Readathon which I was so looking forward to! But again I didn’t want to force myself to read, so when I got back into the swing of things I won’t immediately spiral back! I think I needed to take the time away and come back fresher and keener to read.

I hope that has cleared things up and explained my absence well enough. I will be back with a wrap-up of the next 5 books that I read and also some readathon TBR’s as well! I love you guys!



Abbie xxxx

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