The final month of the year, and one hour until midnight (in the UK) and I completed 100 books, which is double what my reading challenge was! I’m so thankful for all the books I was able to read this year, the good and the bad. I have learned what books I enjoy, and genres that weren’t my cup of tea. I hope to explore more amazing stories, but until then here are the books I read in the final month of 2017!


  • 1 star –  0               •  >100 pages – 5                 •  Contemporary – 7
  • 2 star – 1                • 100-200 pages –  3            •  Classics – 1
  • 3 star – 2                • 200-300 pages – 3             • Fantasy – 3
  • 4 star –  6               • 300-400 pages – 0             • Mystery/Thriller – 1
  • 5 star – 5                • 400-500 pages – 0            • Author gender:  7 female/ 7 male
  • total – 12 books!       •500+ pages – 1


                Total pages: 2,095!!

Not my greatest, but despite it being the busiest month of the year, I was very pleased to what the amount that I did!




Author: Gillian Flynn

No of Pages: 79

Goodread Rating: 2.75/5

It was just weird, and not in a good way! The main character is basically a fraud ‘palm reader’ and ends up being dragged into a family matter she had absolutely no business in. The ending felt so abrupt as well and brought no explanation whatsoever. I don’t understand why Gillian Flynn decided to have this published; it doesn’t really do anything and is very forgetful. Luckily it was a very quick, easy read. I did like the writing though so I will pick more of her stuff up later.




A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees24874345

Author: Yoshida Kenkõ

No of Pages: 51

Goodread Rating: 3/5

I read this so I could end the year on 100 books. It was enjoyable for a short story. Some passages I really enjoyed, especially the one about books. But a lot of them felt outdated, which is not surprising seeing as it was first published in the 14th Century!




31368214Twelve Days of Dash and Lily

Author: David Levithan and Rachel Cohn

No of Pages: 240

Goodread Rating: 3/5

I enjoyed this as I did the first one, but I didn’t feel as connected with them. It felt like a lot of the flame had died out and the characters felt a bit out of place, especially as we jump ahead to a year later from the ending of the first book. I will say though, it does picture the realness of relationships and the struggles of coping with another half of whom is not feeling like themselves. Something I can definitely relate to.




The Julian Chapter20878809

Author: R. J. Palacio

No of Pages: 84

Goodread Rating: 4/5

I loved Wonder at the beginning of the year, my only downfall was that we didn’t get Julian’s point of view, maybe because it wouldn’t have flowed well with the message of the book. But I’m glad to have finally got his POV, it gave more understanding to Julian as a character. Although it doesn’t negate the nasty things he did/said, it does give him more depth and more of a back story.





26365537Kindred Spirits

Author: Rainbow Rowell

No of Pages: 96

Goodread Rating: 4/5

I heard this was a short story based around a girl going to the premiere of the new Star Wars film, and what came out this month? The next Star Wars film! So I felt this was perfect to read whilst I was in the Star Wars bubble, and it was really good. I’m back into loving Rainbow Rowell, because some things I haven’t liked from her. If this was a full novel, it would’ve been up there with Fangirl definitely!




Quidditch Through the Ages31702362

Author: J. K. Rowling ( Kennilworthy Whisp)

No of Pages: 219

Goodread Rating: 4/5

I just love reading about ‘history’ and I highly praise J.K. Rowling for the immense detail put into this. I really enjoyed it and found it so interesting, especially how the game spread worldwide and developed, and the medieval games!





7741325Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

Author: David Levithan and Rachel Cohn

No of Pages: 260

Goodread Rating: 4.5/5

The perfect Christmassy book in my opinion! I was a massive fan of the notebook idea and setting each other challenges, it was really fun to read! They dealt with fears and things they wouldn’t necessarily do on their own, and helped them grow and develop. Only downfall was the anti-climactic feeling of when they finally met, as it is built up naturally throughout the book.




A Monster Calls8621462

Author: Patrick Ness

No of Pages: 216

Goodread Rating: 4.5/5


After this being on my shelf for well over a year, I picked it up to read during the 24 hour read-a-thon and I don’t know why I had been putting it off for so long. It was so beautifully written and raw. I haven’t experienced much grief in my life so I wasn’t able to personally connect to the emotions in this book. But I still loved it and it will definitely with me for a long time.




30335557Orbiting Jupiter

Author: Gary D. Schmidt

No of Pages: 79

Goodread Rating: 4.75/5

This books was incredibly hard-hitting. In such a short book, I felt for the characters, especially Joseph. I was moved in a way I really wasn’t expecting. My only criticism is that it was too hard-hitting for a middle grade book? It was simplistic as you would expect for a middle grade, but too simplistic for the nature of the book. I felt like it needed more depth, and this would’ve meant it would be for an older audience.




And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer and Longer31373633

Author: Fredrick Backman

No of Pages: 79

Goodread Rating: 5/5

This book made me cry, and smile. It tore my heart out in such a little book! It’s my first time reading a Backman book, and his words were so beautiful and poetic. The words and messages can be applied to most, because a lot of us have experiences death and having to ‘let go’, and the importance of holding on to memories. I’ve been thinking about the book ever since I finished it, which is a sign of a truly special book.




35704107A Journey Through A History of Magic

Author: J. K. Rowling

No of Pages: 79

Goodread Rating: 5/5

This was a gift for Christmas from my boyfriend, and it didn’t take more than a few hours for me to pick it up and read it cover to cover! It is near impossible for me to rate a Harry Potter themed book less than 4 stars. I just love the world and learning more about it. Also, the illustrations were incredible as well. There is not much else I could say, because if you love Harry Potter you will understand!




A Gathering of Shadows26236443

Author: V. E. Schwab

No of Pages: 508

Goodread Rating: 5/5!!

The second instalment of the Shades of Magic series, and it was well worth it! I loved diving further into the world and the other kingdoms within Red London. The Element Games were brilliant and it was so entertaining to read about, and the final 100 pages were phenomenal. I need to pick up the final book asap, but I also don’t want to say goodbye to the incredible characters.





JANE STEELE – LYNDSAY FAYE (199/432 pages)





So what have you read in December? Any new favourites or anything you’d recommend? I’d love to know!


THANKS FOR READING!! (and Happy New Year!)

Abbie xxxx

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