2018 Reading Goals!

Hello, fellow bookworms! It’s 6pm in the UK on New Years Eve, so I’m thinking about how I will go through 2018 and what I want to improve. I’m also reflecting on a great reading year and thinking about my goals for 2018. I decided to not participate in the year-long challenges, as they made things more stressful and was reading books I didn’t really want to. So I will make a list of books for each prompt, but will only refer to it if I need inspiration on what to read next. It will be taken really lightly, and my goals are more focused on particular authors or genres.


1/ Read 70 books

I absolutely surpassed my 2017 goal of 50 books, by reading 100! I want to still have a fairly obtainable goal as I don’t want to set it to 100 and force myself to read. So 70 feels like a good, stable amount of books in the year.


2/ Read all Jane Austen’s works

I have all of her books on my shelf, but I never really reach for them. I have read Pride and Prejudice and that was many years ago, so I plan to read all of her published books.


3/ Read all Bronte’s works

Along with number 2, I have all their books on my shelves. Luckily this year, Lucythereader is hosting a Bronte Book Club throughout the year, which will have a different book every 2 months for the whole year, which is very doable. I’ll link her video with more info on this if you’re interested!


4/ Read all Thomas Hardy’s works

I grew up in Dorset, which is also the birthplace of Thomas Hardy. But I am yet to read all of his works, something I’m ashamed about! So I will hopefully read all his stuff.


5/ Do Rainbow Book Challenge

This is just a bit of fun. I just need to read a book of each colour in the rainbow, which wouldn’t be too difficult.


6/ Re-Read Harry Potter

Re-watching the Harry Potter movies throughout the Christmas period, I’ve realised how much of the books I have forgotten. So I want to re-read the series.


7/ Participate in 5 readathons

I’ve enjoyed the readathons throughout this year, but because it’s my first year back into reading, I wasn’t very well prepared for them! This year I will have more preparation and be more aware of certain readathons during the year. 5 is very reachable and no doubt I will participate in more!


8/ Participate in Tome Topple

Something else I wasn’t really aware of until it was too late. I have too many big books on my shelf which I am yet to read. So hopefully participating in Tome Topple will help me read this books and give me more motivation!


9/ Read more Poetry and Non-fiction

Both these genres I have only really been exposed to recently, and I have added a lot to my TBR. So I plan to get my hands on more poetry and non-fiction.


10/ Finish 4 series

I have a problem with starting series and not finishing them, I think I’m currently in the middle of about 6/7 series! So I want to finish most of these, and including any series I am yet to start.



So what are your reading goals for 2018? Are you looking forward to the New Year? I’d love to know!



Abbie xxxx

6 thoughts on “2018 Reading Goals!

  1. These are great book goals! I just finished “Northanger Abbey” and I enjoyed it much more than I expected to be honest. But then again, it’s Jane Austen =)

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