2017 Look in Review

Most Surprising Reads of 2017

So now the negative ones are out of the way! These books I didn’t have high expectations for (either due to mixed reviews or lack thereof), but ending up really enjoying and loving! I’m usually more tempted to pick up a book if there are mixed reviews because I’m curious to know where I fall. Luckily in these cases, I absolutely loved them!


5/ The Wrath and The Dawn by Reneé Ahdieh32370233

At first I was hesitant to give this a chance because I heard a fair few negative/’meh’ reviews of it. It was only when I further researched it and found positive reviews and more about the story. I was intrigued so gave it a chance which paid off! I also read the second book of the duology and the novellas and enjoyed them also. It’s now one of my favourite duologies I have read!





255262964/ Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

The opposite this time. I was hesitant to pick it up due to the rave around it, and it wasn’t until I heard a few ‘meh’ reviews that I decided to pick it up myself. I was happy I did so because I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters. It’s definitely one which you either ‘get’ or you don’t and I’m glad I was the former! Eagerly awaiting the next book to come.





3/ Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt30335557

I hadn’t heard that much buzz over this. I only really heard Lala from Booksandlala rave about it, which encouraged me to pick it up myself! I didn’t know what I was expecting to be honest and read this as part of a readathon due to its size. And I couldn’t believe how such an impacting story lied within so few pages and I loved it. It was so emotional and I truly felt for the characters.





289629062/ Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

People either liked it or hated it. I personally think it is one of the books that still sticks with me. I loved the story and the character development, the main character has such a spark that she won’t stop at anything to do what she’s passionate about, and thus breaking female gender roles which were heavily present during this time period. It’s a historical fiction as well as a horror/thriller which I found perfect.




1/ A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maase3f34-77113_original

Everyone raves like crazy for the second book, and says that it’s worth going through the first book. I absolutely loved it and devoured it within a few days, I don’t know what it was exactly, it was just one of those books that you ‘click’ with. What drew me in was the Beauty and the Beast inspiration and I saw that in the story.





So any of these you read and enjoyed? Do you have any different opinions on these books? Which books were you surprised or disappointed with this year? I’d love to know!



Abbie xxxx

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