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T5W – 2018 Wishlist!

“–Looking forward into the new year, this is a list of the types of books you’d like to see more of in 2018! Try to avoid actual titles, and discuss themes, genres, or tropes you’d like to see more of in the new year!”

Sam (thoughtsontomes)

Top 5 Wednesday (T5W) is a Goodreads group consisting of weekly ‘Top 5’s created by Booktuber Sam from “thoughtsontomes”. If you would like to explore the group more further, there’s a link right here to take you to the main page!

So I kinda forgot that it was Wednesday yesterday, oops! I had this written beforehand but I just didn’t remember to publish it. I really do hope I will be able to read more books that have one of the elements I mention.


5/ YA books with male protagonists

Now I love reading about strong female leads, but I feel like there is always YA books centred on a female, and it would be nice to hear more YA from a male POA, especially when it comes to mental illness books. I can only really think of a small handful of books which are about a male protagonist suffering with mental illness.


4/ Books with dragons

I love reading books with dragons, so I would like to find more books with dragons. I know there’s a few on my TBR, but I still want more! I cannot get bored with books about dragons!


3/ Non-western society-based books

A lot of books out there are set in America or UK, so I want to find books set outside of them. I do have some on my TBR which are set in a non-western society, but I do want to find more. It is really interesting reading books set in different countries so I really would like to find more of these in 2018.

2/ Books with lesser known mental illnesses

As someone who has anxiety and depression, it’s always very comforting to read about characters going through the same thing. But it will be nice to read something that shows someone going through a different mental illness. I know there are books out there that include OCD, Bipolar, Eating Disorders, and I still want to get to these as well. After reading Under Rose Tainted Skies which focuses on someone with Agoraphobia, which is something that you don’t hear much of and it was so interesting!


1/ Standalone Fantasies

I touched upon this in my T5W Things I’m a Grinch About post earlier this month. Now I love indulging in a series, but I find that many books nowadays become part of a series, particularly in fantasy/sci-fi books. Most of the time, the standalone wrapped things up nicely and had a good well-rounded ending, and all of a sudden there’s a sequel? And you may have to wait another year/18 months for it to come out! Most of the time there is no point in extending beyond a standalone, and it’s really difficult to find a standalone fantasy/sci-fi book which STAYS a standalone.


So what do you want more of in 2018? Any of the ones mentioned above? Any books which fit into these which you would recommend? I’d love to know!



Abbie xxxx

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