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Cramathon is a readathon that will be taking place 26th December 2017 – 2nd January 2018. This would count for a readathon in both years, and it’s a chance to ‘cram’ the final books of the year which you still need to read! It will be hosted by Allie @ HardbackHoarder, Jay @ TheAwkwardBookworm, Dylan @ Dylanthereader5, and Julia @ JuliaSapphire.




– book with under 200 pagesThe Grown Up

A few books on my TBR will fit into this, so it can easily be completed. The book I’ve chosen is The Grown Up by Gillian Flynn, I am yet to read any of her books so this can be a good start. It is less than 100 pages so was almost the shortest book on my TBR too. The writing has huge spacing as well so shouldn’t take more than an hour! This could also take the challenge of a favourite colour on the cover, because the writing is yellow.


33295690– with LGBTQIA+ rep

This one was a bit difficult, because I don’t actively seek out these kind of books. If it’s there, it’s fine, but it’s not something I actively search for. Allie from HardbackHoarder mentioned Dress Codes for Smalls Towns by Courtney C Stevens for her TBR, so I am using that too! It was already on my TBR and I have been meaning to pick it up so decided to get it on my Kindle. It will be the longest of the books here but it is a comtempory so shouldn’t take to long!



– shortest book on your TBR24874295

Now this is a really short book, and has been on my normal TBR for ages, so it was about time I should read it! I could’ve picked any of the Little Black Classics to fulfil this challenge, however I do want to start reading all of Jane Austen’s works so that is why I chose The Beautifull Cassandra. It’s only sightly shorter than The Grown Up, so I should be able to read it quite quickly! Maybe for the final days in order for it to count towards my 2018 challenge to read Jane Austen.



22509768– book with your favourite colour on the cover

My favourite colour is yellow! And I have a fair few books I could’ve chosen from, but I chose Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist because I already saw the film (before I knew there was a book) and I have recently read David Levithan/Rachel Cohn’s Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares and really enjoyed it! So I thought I would enjoy this one too!


– book that was gifted to you20893323

I’ve already read this book year’s ago and had a separate copy. But I saw this gorgeous edition in Waterstone’s and asked my mum to buy it for me as an early Christmas present! This is one of those books which seems to have several beautiful editions, but I just couldn’t turn this one down!






31373633– one of the hosts’ favorite short books

If you watch any of the hosts announcement video’s, they will list the books that fit into this. Allie from HardbackHoarder had this as her favourite, and it sounds really good so immediately bought it! Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer is also less than 200 pages so could also fit the first challenge. I really want to get to this one first, as it sounds so beautiful and heartbreaking.




– 7 books2535324731368214

Every readathon needs to have a free book challenge in my opinion! There are two books which I might want to read for the final challenge, and both are christmassy books I have yet to pick up! It’s either Twelve Days of Dash & Lily, or My True Love Gave to Me. Both I think will be quick reads, and will extend my Christmassy feeling.



So what are you looking to read for Cramathon? Any books you still need to get to before the year is over? I’d love to know!




Abbie xxxx

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