5 Star Predictions

My 5-Star Predictions! (Round 1)

I thought today I could show my 5 predicted ‘5 stars’ reads! I’ve seen videos bouncing around, which started with MercysBookishMusings video here, and it’s quite an interesting concept.

Of course every book we go into we want to love and never go in expecting to give it 3 stars or less! So it’s tricky to guess which books you will likely give 5 stars to!


1/ Lost Boy – Christina Henry 35224165

I’m crack for literally anything Peter Pan related, and that is the main reason why I think I will adore this book. I’ve also heard many positive things and of course that will build up my expectations! I have this book on my shelf and has been near the top of my TBR pile for some months now; I’m itching to start it, but also apprehensive due to the massive expectations I have put onto this book. I hope to read it before the year is out.




65472582/ The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

The king of fantasy, as many have described him as. This series is many people’s favourite fantasy book series OF ALL TIME! So that’s a pretty big statement many have said without a doubt, and I feel like I will love it just as much. I thoroughly enjoy fantasy, discovering different worlds and magic systems, which are the main things people love about this book, as well as the amazing characters. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone give it less than 5 stars, and in particular, those booktubers which don’t give 5 stars lightly!



3/ The Giver – Lois Lowry21858566

A book which is many’s favourite childhood books (beside HP), and I still haven’t read it. It’s been sat on my TBR shelf for the longest time, it is actually one of the first books I put onto my ‘Want to Read’ shelf on Goodreads many years ago! It sounds like a beautiful story and is so beloved, it feels like something I could treasure for years, and pass onto my future children, but I am yet to pick it up!





228404214/ My Lady Jane – Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton,  Jodi Meadows

I am yet to see someone give a disappointing review for this. Many have deemed it as very funny, entertaining, and enjoyable. I love historical fiction, especially about my country’s own monarchs. Lady Jane Grey was someone I studied in my history classes in school, so really excited to see this take on her story. I’m not expecting any similarities, as that is not the point of the book. I’m expecting to be laughing my **s off with this read.




5/ The Martian – Andy Weir18007564

I know of so many positive reviews for this book for it’s entertainment and very likeable narrator. The concept feels so unique, it was the Goodreads Choice of 2014 Winner, and has also become a film, which makes me want to read this even more. The only downside I’ve heard about this book is the complex scientific phrases used, and I love sciency books so I don’t see this as being a problem, in fact it draws me in further to pick up soon, it is currently in the top 5 books on my TBR so should get into it soon!



So those are my next 5 star predictions! All of which I want to read ASAP, and many in my top 5 TBR pile. Once I do read these, I will do a follow up post about how I thought of them. and whether or not my predictions are correct (and I really hope they are!). Has anyone else considered their 5 star predictions? Have any been correct? Any you think I should pick up sooner? I’d love to know!




Abbie xxxx

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