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T5W – Books from Before I Joined Goodreads

This is my first T5W after recently discovering the Goodreads group! This week focuses on books we read before we joined the book community i.e. before Goodreads, book blogs, instagram, booktubers and the like. Back in the day, (I say that like it was 30 years ago, when it was actually 5/6 years ago…) I used to find my books at the local library, or the bestsellers section at Waterstones. And that’s mainly where I discovered these 5 books/series! I didn’t include Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games as they are a given…

Game Of Thrones - book cover | Geekism | Pinterest

  1. A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

Most probably the most recent series I picked up before the book community. I remember my mum reading them years ago and she picked them back up when the TV series started. By that point I was interested at the TV show so I picked up the books myself to see what they were like. I remember reading them in my first year at University (by then the first series had come out) and as soon as I finished the books, I caught up on the first series in time for the second, and the rest is history!

Blitzcat - Scholastic Kids' Club

2. Blitzcat by Robert Westall

I picked this book up because of the cover before I knew what a ‘cover buy’ was. I loved books about cats so when I saw this I wanted to read it instantly! I really loved this book and is still one of my faves. About a cat surviving through WWII.
The Cover Wars #4 : Dystopia | The Book Wars

3. Lord of the Flies by William Golding

A required-reading for English class. I think I was the only one who paid attention and really enjoyed this book! I loved the symbolism and the message it put across. I love it so much that I went and bought my own copy, read it a few time, then lent it out to whomever would accept it!

apple book - Vampire Diaries Books Photo (10470400) - Fanpop

4. The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith

Ah, I remember asking for this series for my birthday because I knew the TV series was starting and I was still on a vampire kick from The Twilight Saga. I didn’t finish the book series sadly, as I soon became fed up of the vampire trope. But oh, the memories!

Bad girls cover.jpg

5. Bad Girls by Jacqueline Wilson

Ah, my first auto-buy author was Jacqueline Wilson! I read almost all of her books released before 2006 and I loved ever single one. This was one of the staples which will always stick with me. It was about a girl who got bullied at school and I related to it a lot!


So these are my top 5 for the week! There were loads of books to choose from but these are the ones which really stood out as part of my reading journey.


Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “T5W – Books from Before I Joined Goodreads

    1. Ahh thank you! Just had a look at your lists and they’re really great too, I’ve had Sushi For Beginners on my shelf for years but never picked it up… Might do soon though! And I read SO many John Grisham books before I discovered the book community! 😀

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  1. Oooh you had some really great books on your list. I’ve only read The Vampire Diaries, and sadly I wasn’t able to enjoy them 😦


  2. Jacqueline Wilson reminds me of year 6 and the days when Tracy Beaker was on tv. She and Malorie Blackman were the authors of my youth. Bad girls ❤

    I finished the original series but I never finished the return series in regards to Vampire diaries, the vampire era of YA was something else, eh. It got too convoluted.

    I also tackled this top 5 Wednesday topic if you'd like to check it out x


  3. My Top 5, pre-Goodreads would be: 1. Lord of the Rings 2. Rainbow Six (Tom Clancy) 3. T2 (Terminator) series by SM Stirling 4. The Indian in the Cupboard Series 5. Team Yankee by Harold Coyle. So pretty heavy in the action type books. :p


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